Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shiny Disco Ball Nails

Hi Glossies! I hope you're all well. I have some very shiny nails for you today. I went to see Jessica at Sheer Beauty in Cleckheaton yesterday for a little manicure. As I've mentioned before; I love to do different designs on my nails, but I'm not so keen at tidying up my cuticles. So every now and again I go to the salon for a manicure. Anyway, Jess was so kind to me yesterday that she gave me a couple of little treasures, she gave me the Jessica Hologram Chic Duo (which you can buy here). And the Glitzy Lips foil lip covers, which I can't actually find available to buy online other than on eBay, so check them out on there if you're after some.

The Jessica Hologram Chic Duo consists of a base coat called 'Retro Revival' and a holographic silver glitter called 'Disco Diva'. In the bottle the silver doesn't look holographic, but once it's on the nails it's like looking at a disco ball... hence my title for this mani.
The Glitzy Lips are actually foil lip covers for lip art, but I used them to try and jazz up my nails. It consists of a primer which is essentially a glue and a roll of holographic foil.
So on to my manicure, here's what I used to get my Shiny Disco Balls:
To start I did a light coat of OPI Nail Envy as always. I left that 5 minutes to dry before applying 1 coat of the whiteish appearing Jessica Retro Revival. I left that 10 minutes to dry and then followed with a coat of the Silver Jessica Disco Diva. Even after one coat it was pretty dazzling, but after drying I applied another coat and it was fully opaque.
Then I had a go at applying the Glitzy Lips on my ring fingers for an accent manicure. It says on the box to 'Apply adhesive to lips and let dry until clear. Apply desired length of foil to lips and remove quickly from one side to the other'. So I made sure my nails were completely dry before applying a thin layer of the primer to my ring fingers. I waited for it to go clear and almost dry, (about 3 minutes) before tapping the foil all over my nails. I found holding it down, smoothing it out and peeling off quickly didn't really leave much behind. So I tapped all over the nail and it appeared to work. This is what it looked like after applying my Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.
With the Jessica Hologram Chic Duo it states that top coat isn't required, but I wanted to seal the manicure in for a few days so I applied anyway. I don't think it has affected the hologram at all, however I do think it has ruined the effect of the Glitzy Lips. They look really holographic and eye catching alone, but with the top coat they just look like silver tin foil. So I think if I use these again I'll leave the top coat off. However, the texture is still eye catching and makes the ring fingers pop. The first two photographs are taken in natural light, but it really doesn't do the polish justice. So the last photograph I took underneath the light and that looks more like a real life portrayal of the colours.
I'm very happy with my manicure, and I feel like a little magpie, I can't stop looking at them. I'm also really grateful to Jessica for giving me these, I'm sure they'll be used again in a Christmas sparkly manicure. So thanks Jess!
Have you tried any of the Jessica Hologram polishes? I believe there is a Gold and a Silver Top Coat as well as the Hologram Chic Duo. Maybe you've tried some holographic polishes from another range? I've wondered if these might work with normal polishes underneath. Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below. Or if you've tried these out leave me your links. I hope you're having a lovely weekend and thank you for reading xxx


  1. I have the Jessica duo. I'm actually wearing them now. With Jade Mystic Gold as accent nail. I always topcoat and I don't think it weakens the Jessica.

    I have a few holos. Glitter gal are excellent. Also Nubar Reclaim. And Jade (from Sally Magpies online - do you know it?).

    Holos do need an aqua base though or they tend to drag. Or no base at all. I can't bring myself to apply straight on the nail though...

    The Jessica Disco Diva is fab though. Pity they don't do more. I don't count the gold and silver ones as holos. They have holo particles but that to me is not a proper holo.

  2. The Jessica duo is excellent. Oddly I am wearing this now with Jade Mystic Gold as accent.

    The Jade range is excellent as is Glitter gal. I can thoroughly recommend all their polishes. Just be sure to use an aqua base!

  3. ooh these look awesome!loving your nail posts!now following your blog:)x