Monday, 25 March 2013

NOTD - Easter Nails

Hi Glossies! Firstly sorry I've been a little absent for the last week or so. I just haven't had time to fit in my blogging and nothing particularly exciting has been going on my nails other than a one colour manicure. So I thought I'd do a little Easter themed design. Even though the weather outside is horrendous, (well it is here in West Yorkshire) I like to get the pastel colours out at this time of year and generally live in them until I absolutely have to stop when it gets round to winter again. 

So for this design I used Barry M Berry Ice Cream which is a pastel purple and Revlon Colorstay in Buttercup which is pastel yellow. Both are perfect for Spring and Easter if you ask me.

I used my usual Base Coat and then applied three coats of Barry M Berry Ice Cream to all my nails except my ring fingers on both hands, leaving 10 minutes drying time between each coat. I did the same thing for my ring fingers except I used Revlon Buttercup on those. After my 3 coats I waited 15 minutes to make sure they were completely dry; then I took my number 4 Dotting tool and used the larger end to create my design. I blobbed a small amount of Buttercup onto some cardboard and dipped the dotting tool into it, dotting randomly onto all of my purple nails. Then I did the same with Barry M Berry Ice Cream on the yellow nails. I waited 15 minutes again for them to dry before applying my Top Coat to seal it all in.

Excuse my red skin, I had just done the washing up in really hot water and quickly applied my hand cream before photographing my nails. I love this design, it is so cute and reminds me of yummy Easterness. Somebody told me it reminds me of Party Rings (those little biscuits with the holes in the middle that come in pastel colours) so I was happy enough with that. Also I don't get much use out of the Revlon Buttercup polish as it doesn't suit my skin tone on its own so it was nice to be able to use that colour. 

Have you tried any Easter nail designs? Do you have any ideas of designs you would like me to try? Do you struggle with using yellow polish? I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading xxx

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