Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MAC Paint Pot Review - Painterly & Constructivist

Hey Glossies! So in my Christmas Haul post you saw that I bought two Paint Pots from MAC. I got Painterly & Constructivist. 

I had seen many YouTube videos from various bloggers raving about MAC Paint Pots and how great they were, so although they were on the pricier side of what I would usually pay for eye shadow at £14.50 each I thought I would give them a try. They look very professional in their glass jars with screw top lids, simple, sleek packaging as per usual from MAC. 

Painterly is a matte flesh coloured shade with pink undertones. I bought it to use everyday just to blank out my eyelids of any redness, not really wanting to use another product over the top of it. However I've been using it for about a week now and it certainly doesn't stay creaseless all day on my eyelids. Now maybe I have extremely oily eyelids or maybe this product is just best used with an eyeshadow over the top of it to set it unless you have really dry lids. I applied it with my fingers, as this is the only way I've seen it be applied on YouTube and it doesn't look like the kind of product that would apply well with a brush. It goes on smoothly and my eyelids do look like the perfect blank canvas at first, but by the time I look in the mirror at lunch time they are creased and the colour seems to have disappeared slightly. So I think I will be on the lookout for a good neutral eyeshadow to go over the top to set it for my everyday makeup. 

Constructivist is a shimmery warm metallic brown. I bought it to help me create an easy smokey eye look. I've only had a go with this once when I went out last weekend and I used it as a base and set it with brown eye shadows over the top (Sorry I don't have a photograph I was rushing as usual). It did look good when I left the house but then again when I got home 4 hours later it had definitely creased and disappeared somewhat. 

My review seems a little on the negative side, but I don't think I have particularly bad oily lids and I was expecting a bit more from these shadows. However I am fairly new to wearing eyeshadow; a bit of foundation when applying to the rest of my face and black liquid liner was my only look up until recently so maybe I need to keep trying with these and build them up. One positive I can say about the paint pots is that they will probably last me a lifetime, you need so little product there's no chance these will run out quickly.

All in all I will persevere with the Paint Pots and am sure I will love them once I've got the hang of them, but I wouldn't rush to spend £14.50 on another. 

Do you have any Paint Pots? Have you tried the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's? Do you always apply shadow over the top to set them? Leave me a comment below if you have, I'd love some help in getting the most out of these. I hope you enjoyed my review and thanks for reading xxx

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