Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alternative French Manicure

Hi Glossies! I've had a first attempt at an alternative french manicure and I thought I'd show you the results. You may read this and think 'is she for real? This is really easy'; well it was a challenge for me. 

I used french manicure nail guides (bought from ebay for around £1 for 110 stickers) to get the line but they're far too big for my nails and left more of a straight line than a curve to match my smile line so I'll have to think of a better way to get a neat line for next time. The colours I used were Nails Inc Marylebone Mews for my base, I got this in a set of mini's which I received as a birthday gift last year. And for the tips I used Nails Inc Hampton Court, which I received in my Lucky Dip that I spoke about in my New Years Eve Nails post.

So onto my base, Marylebone Mews which is a sheer pinky pearl colour. When I first looked at it I thought I'm never going to use that because I'm not a fan of sheer polishes but I've been Googling nail trends a lot recently and the barely there almost naked looking nails look is in so it could come in handy over the coming months. I did 3 coats of this and this was the result after top coat: (Apologies for my shiny skin in this photo, it's from the cuticle oil)

I actually did the base colour on Sunday night and left it until Monday night to do the tips because I wanted to make sure my base was completely dry before I stuck the nail stickers on top of them to do the tips.

So on Monday night I positioned my nail stickers the best I could and painted on my tips with Hampton Court which hasn't photographed very well (sorry again) but it is a deep burgundy colour, and anybody who knows me will know I've been loving burgundy this season. And this was the result, again after top coat.

I'm not massively happy with this, but it's not bad for a first attempt and it will be staying on my nails for the next few days. Also you may have noticed I've attempted to shape my nails more rounded, I'm not too sure that they're even but I gave it a go and I'm happy with them. I've always had square nails so they look really different to me. 

Have you had a go at an alternative french manicure? What colour combinations did you use? How did you get your smile line right? Leave me a comment below if you like and thank you for reading xxx

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